Are You A Believer In Flower Power?

These days organic, fresh food, natural clothing, and even meat-free chicken shops are becoming mainstream. We’ve connected the link between what we’re putting into our mouths and how our bodies appear as well as taking the time to focus on our emotional needs. Animal-friendly and chemical free beauty brands are definitely on the rise so should we all be embracing botanicals?


Chemical Free

Firstly, let’s talk about what botanicals are. A botanical beauty or skincare product means that many of its ingredients are derived from plants and flowers. Botanists, or plant scientists dedicate their entire careers to growing, cultivating, and displaying broad ranges of seeds, flowers, and plants. Botanical beauty products are also created using only the stems, leaves, flowers or oils of specimens that have been scientifically proven to improve our skin. Previous studies have shown that although traditional cosmetics or skincare products do work quicker, research indicated that the effects of the botanical ingredients lasted longer. Botanicals like aloe vera, tea tree oil, and white jasmine help to fight spots, while cucumber, argan oil, and cocoa butter refreshes tired skin, reduces puffy eyes and infuses the epidermis with therapeutic, moisturizing creams.


Superb For Sensitive Skin

Because so many cosmetic products have chemicals and artificial fragrances in them sensitive skin sufferers struggle to find ones that don’t irritate their face, eyes or neck. Botanicals very rarely cause rashes, itching or redness and, in fact, many of the plant’s skin care creams are made from contain natural anti-inflammatory, healing, and calming properties. For those looking for an alternative to expensive creams, powders and serums that don’t always stand up to promises made by shiny advertising campaigns these can be honest to goodness life savers. If you’re struggling to sleep why not try popping a few drops of lavender on your pillow at night? Choose argan oil, coconut oil or tea tree to help manage oily hair and for any prolonged muscle and joint pain select St John’s Wort. However, before you go rushing to your nearest botanical store, ordering dragon blood sculpting gel or visiting an organic supplies center please remember not all products are suitable for everyone.


Environmentally Friendly

If you’re at all concerned about the environment, a dedicated recycler and are against cruelty to animals then botanicals are perfect. Many natural, or herbal suppliers often have a cruelty free logo or sticker on their website or the product itself. Unlike cosmetic giants such as L’Oréal, MAC, and Estée Lauder who still to this day test products on animals, many botanical companies don’t believe that animals should suffer just so we can look good. Much of herbal packaging is also made from 100 percent recycled materials and as little waste as possible is produced. Despite the ,quite vocal, voices of strident critics climate change, global warming and deforestation are all real things that are happening right now. New species of plants, trees, and flowers are being discovered by botanists every single day, but if we continue destroying their natural habitat we may essentially be killing something that, one day, could hold the cure for serious illnesses like cancer.

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