Hey gorgeous, you’ve reached my about page, where you can learn a little about my crazy life.

I created my blog back in November 2015 after wanting to so desperately for over a year. But i spend a ridiculous amount of time of planning and putting myself off, telling myself i’d be rubbish and it would never hit off.  I was so so nervous and defiantly took my time
So anyway, how did Littlebeautyblogxo begin?? Well i first started off with just a simple instagram page where i uploaded anything to do with makeup / beauty after a while i started feeling like an Instagram page just wasn’t enough for me, i wanted to be more vocal and start a new adventure. I finally took the plunge and it had to be one of the greatest decisions i ever made. Like seriously, i love it.

Blogging has become my passion, i enjoy what i do so so much. Someone once asked me why i wanted to start blogging. My answer was pretty simple. I want to share what i know with other people. Share that sassiness gal!

Makeup is like my passion, it isn’t something i just do in the morning for the day without caring too much. It’s something i learn everyday. Watching tutorials and mastering techniques with time. To me makeup is like art. Your face is the blank canvas, makeup is the paint. Create what inspires you, you can achieve many looks not just one.

But i then decided i wanted to do more. I wanted to have a wider content and a larger target audience. So i added fashion and lifestyle themed posts too. I will be perfectly honest, just makeup was starting to get a little tedious. I wanted to broaden my horizons.

So now Makeup isn’t the only genre for my articles. Beauty, lifestyle, fashion are also alongside. I was on my way. I would love to for people to recognise my name, know about my blog and enjoy it. For me that is my key goal. It’s a rewarding hobby which gives me great happiness. And i’m pretty sure you guys must find my strange sense of humour funny. I say it how it is.

A little about me personally seeing as i’ve basically just stared a blooming autobiography, i’m a small town gal. I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful area near the coast.

I studied beauty therapy and media makeup at college although i left halfway through hair and media makeup. It was at this point i realised what it is i love. I didn’t enjoy hairdressing or face/body painting. It was solely makeup. That is what i enjoy most and what i am best at. The rest wasn’t for me. I would love to turn my little blog into my career, that would be awesome, right?!

A x







  1. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb December 15, 2016 / 7:51 pm

    Hi Abbey, I saw you were following me on Twitter and saw your stunning make up, I came to say hello from another Devon resident 😊

    I don’t know if you know but all your social media icons have broken links, you might want to check them (I went to follow you on Instagram then realised all your links were broken)!

    Catherine x

    • Abbey December 15, 2016 / 8:12 pm

      Hi lovely! Ahhh that’s awesome! I had no idea! Thankyou so much for telling me, i’ve fixed it now I think! X

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